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Hey, I’m

Gus Gonçalves

Digital Compositor 


About Me

I am a Nuke Compositor with +7 years of experience in TV, Films, and Commercials. 

I had also been working as a Motion Designer, Filmmaker, and Video Editor for 15 years when I produced 2D animations, Illustrations, Short Movies, and Design projects. All these years gave me important knowledge about the post-production process.

Photography, painting, and drawing are hobbies that have been completing my career and helping me to perceive the real world through images. They are essential for my routine currently.

If you would like to know more about my experience, feel free to download my resume (in the Bio section)

or reach me at

Complementary Interests:

Cameras | Cinematography | Photography | Drawing | Design


Gus Goncalves - Digital Compositor - Reel 2024
Gus Goncalves

Gus Goncalves - Digital Compositor - Reel 2024


+ Projects

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